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Pre-salt: millionaire ticket or doomed inheritance?

Wagner Freire, geologist and ex-director of exploration at Petrobras, presented and discussed the grave mistakes of the new regulatory framework proposed by the Federal Government to exploit newly found pre-salt reservoirs along with specialists from the sector, investment analysts and businessmen from the energy and oil sectors.

When: 09/14/2009, at 18:00

Brazil celebrates the discovery of huge oil reservoirs in the deep water of Santos Bay. However, the technical challenges that must be surpassed in order to economically exploit these resources, along with its quick politicization and the enormous financial compromises involved, bring many doubts to the plans presented by the government for the exploitation of the so called "pre-salt" oil. This seminar gathered experts in oil exploitation and project finance, as well as public technicians and businessman from the energy sector to dig deeper into these questions.

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