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The Pre-Salt industrial challenge

When: 09/27/2010, at 18:00

The development of oil resources in Campos and Santos Bays represent the largest industrial enterprise in Brazil’s history. The complexity of the operation, the volume of investment and the unprecedented scale of suppliers of goods and services that will be required call for an investment from Petrobras of US$ 224 billion dollars in the next five years.

Other off-shore investments should accumulate more than US$ 400 billion between now and 2020 with 160 "Christmas Trees", the contracting of 68 million hours of engineering services, 2 million tons of steel, 6 thousand km of electric cables and 400 generators.

In this seminar, we analyzed the major risks of bottlenecks in required goods, specialized labor and financing. In addition, we discussed the expectations of the costs involved and their economic impacts.

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