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The missionary Pope, Popular, Original

When: 08/08/2013, at 5:30 p.m.

In his first international trip as pontifical, Pope Fransico inspired admiration as a result of his vitality, capacity to work and the wealth of his ecumenical message of renovating the Church in favor of those who have been marginalized by our civilization. Speaking both to bishops as well as to the masses, the first Jesuit pope held sermons, rich in content concerning a missionary church dedicated to the peripheries. In a world lacking in moral and intellectual leaders in light of the hardships and challenges we face, what will be the influence of his presence amongst us? Will his message endure? What will this “profound and radical reform” that he has announced to the Church to take place as of the fall look like? Ambassador Rubens Ricupero, president of our Institute and participant of the movement of the reform of the Catholic Church will discuss these questions in our seminar contemporary history perspective while considering the international framework of today.

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