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The political economy of low growth

When: 11/28/2013, at 6:00 p.m.

Since 1985 Brazil has established a model of low economic growth, limited by distortions such as: (1) high and increasing current expense; (2) a rising tax burden that attempts to accompany the increase in current expense; (3) low public savings; (4) high interest rates; (5) bottlenecks in infrastructure; (6) strong growth in minimum wage; (7) an economy closed to international commerce; (8) weak protection of property rights and judicial uncertainty (9) predominance of small businesses with low productivity; (10) low education level. Brazil needs to expand the debate concerning this institutional scenario in search of solutions. Renowned economists and members of our Institute will discuss these themes in a seminar conducted by Marcos Mendes, advisor to the senate and Marcos Lisboa, Naércio Menezes and Samuel Pessôa acting as debaters.

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