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Another Blackout?

When: 02/25/2014, at 6:00 p.m.

Yet again, Brazil finds itself before the threat and the risk of a power blackout in electric energy. The causes are the same as those of last year: lack of rain to fill the reservoirs of the hydroelectric power stations, aggravated by the lack of maintenance of the network and delays in the implementation of transmission lines. Additional issues include the increase in cost of production of electric energy as the thermoelectric generation is being activated in order to compensate for the low water-levels in reservoirs, along with historic highs being registered in the consumption of electric energy as a result of federal government incentives to increase the use of energy through cost containment. Generators, transmitters, and distributors are faced with the prospect of a financial crisis which discourages investments. A political strategy very similar to that which provoked the successive supply crisis´ in electric energy in Argentina in the last few decades.

This seminar will evaluate the situation and debate strategies to overcome these difficulties.

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