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Opening of the ports was the first step toward globalization of the country

Ex-minister says that act of Don John 6, which ended over 300 years of the colony, was "the first provisional measure of the country".

Source: Folha de S. Paulo | Author: Fernando Barros de Melo | Published: 01/28/2008

The opening of ports to Friendly Nations was signed by the then Prince Regent d. 6 John on January 28, 1808. In the 200 years of the date, the ambassador and former finance minister Rubens Ricupero said that the act was the first step toward globalization of Brazil. Ricupero, who has just held the book "The Opening of the Ports" (SENAC), talks about the English influence, which culminated in the privileges of the "Unequal Treaties" of 1810, and compares the past with the OMC e a Alca.


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