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Project encourages students to engage with the sciences

How do we recover and heighten the innate curiosity and the scientific spirit of children and teenagers in Brazilian public schools?

Source: Diário Regional | Published: 11/27/2012

How do we recover and heighten the innate curiosity and the scientific spirit of children and teenagers in Brazilian public schools? The Academy of Sciences project, created in 2006 by the Institute Fernand Braudel of World Economics in partnership with BASF, currently benefits 5.2 thousand students in state schools in São Bernardo and Guaratinguetá, stimulating the student’s interest in science.

The result of six years of work was presented yesterday (26), in São Paulo with the launch of the film about the Academy of Sciences produced by photographer and director Fábio Knoll and director José Sampaio. The documentary, 20 minutes in length, collects statements from professors, school faculty, partners, students and their parents, and presents the methodology of the program and results that have been collected.

“Generally, all of the students who participated in the project demonstrate an increase in interest in all subjects, for school more broadly. Along with, of course, a great improvement in the Sciences, one of the main objectives”, explained a professor and the main coordinator for the program, Ricardo Pasin Caparrós. Nearly 40% of the students are from São Bernardo.

The coordinator explained that the project is composed of two main fronts: giving professors and assistants pedagogical material for the classroom as well as internships and activities designed during after school hours. “We invite all students. Not all accept, either due to lack of interest or lack of availability. There is no pre-selection process that takes previous knowledge into consideration”, said Caparrós.


With spontaneous participation of 97%, the professors of the Sciences in the schools at which the program is active, the project urges a greater number of students to learn more efficiently. “We always work with three schools in each city, which can be changed during the project. Though one of them has participated from the beginning, the school Nail Franco de Mello Boni of São Bernardo, with one of the students being nominated at the Brazilian Fair of Science and Engineering”, mentioned Caparrós.

With the project, “Autonomous Manhole: with a proposal to decrease urban floods”, student Larissa Alvez received the Honorable Mention prize by the Association of Engineers of the Company of Basic Sanitation of São Paulo (Sabesp) and showed her project at the National Fair of Waste Management and Environment, which took place this year.

The program, which intends to expand itself into other schools, needs partners who would be willing to invest in the project. “We have already been in touch with a few partners who, in fact, gave their statements in the film. Although this is so, participation of other companies is essential for expansion”, said the professor.

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