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"After Chávez", an article written by Norman Gall for the newspaper O Globo

Article written by Norman Gall, executive director of Institute Fernand Braudel of World Economics

Source: O GLOBO | Author: Norman Gall | Published: 01/27/2013

On the day of his inauguration, president Hugo Chávez was absent, most likely fighting against death in a hospital in Cuba after attempting for the fourth surgery around to remove the tumor in his abdomen. In a frenetic effort to maintain some of Chavez’s charisma and authority while Venezuela falls deeper into disorder, collaborators united thousands of supporters in front of the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, and asked them to raise a hand and swear: "I swear, by the Bolivarian Constitution, that I will defend the presidency of Commander Chávez in the street, with reason, with the truth, and with the force of the intelligence of a people who liberated themselves from the yoke of bureaucracy".


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