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Brazil, Economics and Government is awarded in Top Blog 2012

Published: 01/26/2013

The blog "Brazil, Economics and Government" won first place in the Top Blog 2012 awards in the category of Economics and Finance, through the vote of internet users (Popular Jury), at an awards ceremony on January 26th in the capital city of São Paulo. This is the second consecutive time the blog is awarded by Top Blog Brazil.

The second and third place went to "Christian Costa's Blog" and "Trend Following Bovespa", respectively.

In 2012, more than 18 thousand blogs signed up for the Top Blog Award. In order to make it to the final round, bloggers led intense campaigns on social networks in order to get the greatest number of votes for their blog.

In its fourth edition, the Top Blog Award 2012 considered bloggers from the entire country for the most prestigious award in Brazilian Internet.

About "Brazil, Economics and Government"

The blog “Brazil, Economics and Government” is managed by a group of professionals specialized in topics concerning economics and public administration, with no affiliation or militant political-party and associated with the Institute Fernand Braudel of World Economics. The idea in its creation came from a series of conversations had in group concerning the need to find explanations for the economic issues that would help voters understand the choices made by the public sector in managing the economy.

About the Top Blog Award

The Top Blog award is an interactive system dedicated to promoting culture and recognizing the premier, most sought-out blogs in Brazil, based on popular and academic vote.

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