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The São Paulo Secretary of Education, in partnership with the Fernand Braudel Institute and the Itaú Social Foundation, is developing a pilot program in 10 schools located in the Eastern region of São Paulo. The initiative, which has potential to become a reference for other school districts, was inspired by education reforms that have shown great positive impact on the quality of education and include two major focus areas:

(a) Monitoring and in-person support for classroom teachers and their teaching practices.
(b) Encouragement of parental involvement in efforts to improve learning.

In terms of in-person support for the professor's teaching practices, the proposals leverage educational management through personal support from teacher coordinators and the introduction of coaching techniques, thereby strengthening training strategies, monitoring and in-person support for the teacher in the classroom. In order to develop reading and writing skills as well as a foundation for critical thinking among students, the project offers specific content and teaching advice through the direct involvement of tutors, professionals working within the partner schools assisting teacher coordinators in educational management and working side by side with classroom teachers in the planning, implementation and evaluation of lessons.

On the family-school side, actions are developed that enable and facilitate the input and involvement of families in school life and in the improvement of the learning process. For this, each school has a parent coordinator, a professional responsible for coordinating these activities who acts under the guidance of the principal and teacher coordinators. The objective of this position is to help school staff address parents’ needs, including home visits and observations of students’ daily routines. Another function of the coordinator is to organize volunteer groups of parents and youth leaders for extracurricular activities, always aligned with the efforts to improve their school.

The project is continuously monitored during implementation, always with a focus on improving student learning. Upon its end, an analysis will be conducted to assess the program's impact. In partnership with the "Eastern 3" Regional Board of Education, the 10 state schools participating for a period of three years, beginning in January 2009, are:

EE Aquilino Ribeiro
EE Sebastião Faria Zimbres
EE Jardim Dom Angélico
EE Jardim Wilma Flor
EE Paulo Sarasate
EE Haydeé Hidalgo
EE Recanto Verde Sol
EE Vila Bela
EE Sumie Iwata
EE Dr. Décio Ferraz Alvim

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