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History of School

History of School

Author: Maria Luiza Marcílio
Publisher Imprensa Oficial
485 Pages; ISBN: 85-7060-331-2


This book, written by Maria Luiza Marcílio, looks in details of a history which is the main cause of the Brazilian backwardness, and also alarms about the future.
- Roberto Pompeu

With a strong argumentation based in carefull history research, and a throughout analysis on the facts, obtained through a rigorous exam of the goods and bads on our teaching, Maria Luiza Marcílio brings to the reader a wide comprehension on the problems of the education in Brazil. Its a terrific book, of great scientific value, and indispensable to those who see in the education of good quality the key to success in the knowledge society.

This work constitutes a updated and complete radiography of the hard progression of the Brazilian educational project, and an analytic and perceptive progress of the problems which characterizes the frame of the education in our days. Thanks to the wealthness of informations, to a pondered and objective judgement and to the logic articulation between historic narrative and conclusions, it has garanted future as indispensable guide to retake the interrupted building of the universal school, democratic and of good quality to all Brazilians.
- Rubens Ricupero

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