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Lula and Mephistopheles

Lula and Mephistopheles

Author: Norman Gall
Publisher A Girafa
208 Pages; ISBN: 85-89876-87-X


"Citizens of Brazil which are listening, senators, deputies', started mephistopheles in a Inquiries Parliamentary Commision about corruption, with nation-wide televisive covering. (...) 'I don't make the role of hero, as I'm not better than you, I'm equal. I also don't make the role of vilian, as I'm not, as You also aren't better than I am.' Mephistopheles, the corruption archangel, ended the session at 2 of morning, with an infernal laugh."

That is how Norman Gall starts the political essay which shows how the Fausto's drama has manifested itself one more time in real life, and made one more soul, soon followed by various others, sell itselfs to Mephistopheles, now represented by the Deputy Roberto Jefferson. And he also made us, Brazilian citizens, take the role which seens to serve us so well one more time: the one of almost always passive spectators, but that aren't free spectators besides the passiveness.

In a country where the politic, administrative, business and trade union elites have a mean education of 10 years, even though education being almost always measured through quantity, but whose quality also is almost always really bad; where corruption is spread due to the lot of opportunities to that; a country where it looks like (besides the small crazy cries against it) the culture of failure, the ignorance approval and, in some cases, the choice of the vulgarity, are in ascension. This is the current Brazil, in the rigorous and well-documented sight of Norman Gall. A country like that, says Rubens Ricupero in the introduction of this book, "can't draw the needed institutions to manage the complexities."

All this seems to lead to another thesis, one that isn't specifically from Gall, but is also a known one: in these same elites, and also in the citizenship, Brazil have wise and able people - but not enough to build a nation which gives to its inhabitants a life with dignity and get international recognizance as such. There is also who says that by deceiving the big mass with elected him, and to which he had promissed just that, the Lula government showed itself as consolidator of a society which - since before him, it's important to say - seems to have choosen the inculture, the impunity, to not honor its compromisses and by the corruption.

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