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Insegurança Pública

Public Insecurity

Author: Nilson Vieira Oliveira (Organizer), Various
Publisher Nova Alexandria
247 Pages ISBN: 85-7492-072-X


There is no social question whose answers and initiaitives are more urgent than the crominality and violence in the big cities. So, Public Insecurity - Reflections about criminality and urban violence brings a great contribution to this subject, through a precise diagnose and determination of efective actions to go against it.

Twelve renowed specialists, some of the related to the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics, made analysis on the various aspects involving the growing of homicides, fault of control over drug traffic, dissemination of firearms, banalization of childs' criminality, police acts and social and history bases which allowed its growth. There is also a study on two successful programs to reduce crime incidences: The experience on police cooperation and community action of Diadema, SP, and the program of "Zero Tolerance" implanted in New York, both of them reported by their main creators.

Known names like Colonel José Vicente da Silva Filho, historian Peter Burke, New York policeman Louis Anemone, and others economists, anthropologists and social and politic scholars start from statistic data and informations collected in interviews and researches to highlight the dramatic scenario of criminality in our cities and show potencial alternatives to the happenings which defy the public power and disseminates terror over society.

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