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Braudel Papers

  1. Braudel Papers 50
    Ceará goes to school
    Shakespeare in Quixeramobim - Norman Gall
  2. Braudel Papers 49
    The Happy Land
    Brazil's institutions face the music - Norman Gall
  3. Braudel Papers 48
    The Internet in Brazil
    Poor strategy weakens progress - Peter T. Knight
  4. Braudel Papers 47
    Water in China
    "To fight for every drop of water or die" - Norman Gall
  5. Braudel Papers 46
    Oil in Deep Waters
    Will offshore discoveries change the course of Brazil’s development? - Norman Gall
  6. Braudel Papers 45
    Brazil and the World
    Foreign policy after Lula - Rubens Ricupero
    Bolivia and Brazil - Roberto Laserna
  7. Braudel Papers 44
    Recession or Depression?
    Millions, Billions, Trillions - Norman Gall
  8. Braudel Papers 43
    Money, Greed, Technology
    Financial assets and world economy - Norman Gall
  9. Braudel Papers 42
    Institutional Problems in Public Education
    Education 4: The Search for Quality - Maria Helena Guimarães de Castro
  10. Braudel Papers 41
    Part 2: Oil and Democracy in Venezuela
    Democracy 7: Aló Presidente - Norman Gall
  11. Braudel Papers 40
    Part 1: Oil and Democracy in Venezuela
    Democracy 6: Sowing the Petroleum - Norman Gall
  12. Braudel Papers 39
    Democratization of consumption
    Democracy 5: Progress and aspirations in São Paulo's periphery
    Patricia Mota Guedesa and Nilson Vieira Oliveira
  13. Braudel Papers 38
    Lula and Mephistopheles
    Democracy 4: Brazil needs a new strategy - Norman Gall
  14. Braudel Papers 37
    Democracy 3: Frontier violence and civilization in São Paulo’s periphery
    Bruno Paes Manso, Maryluci de Araújo Faria and Norman Gall
  15. Braudel Papers 36
    Strategic Consensus for Latin America
    Democracy 2: Human Capital and Infrastructure - Felipe Gonzáles
  16. Braudel Papers 35
    Is Democracy Threatened?
    Latim America’s Struggling Instituitions - Norman Gall
  17. Braudel Papers 34
    Public Security in Brazil - José Vicente da Silva Filho
    The Organized Crime in Espírito Santo State - Rodney Miranda
  18. Braudel Papers 33
    Managing Public Education in São Paulo - Jane Wreford
    Why So Little Learning in São Paulo's Periphery? - Cláudio de Moura Castro
  19. Braudel Papers 32
    Blackout in Energy Policy - Norman Gall
    Solutions Instead of More Confusion? - Peter Greiner
  20. Braudel Papers 31
    A Classroom Diary - Sandra da Luz Silva
    Why can't they read? - Prof. Luiz Marques
  21. Braudel Papers 30
    Backwardness in Education - Maria Luiza Marcílio
    Odyssey in the Schools - Instituto Fernand Braudel
    A Poor Pupil's Memories - Mailson da Nóbrega
  22. Braudel Papers 29
    São Paulo Metropolis - Norman Gall
    Weekend in the Park - Mano Brown - Racionais MC's (1993)
  23. Braudel Papers 28
    From the Andes to São Paulo - Albino Ruiz Lazo
    Old Times in Bom Retiro - Bernardo Ricupero
  24. Braudel Papers 27
    São Paulo Symphony - Norman Gall
  25. Braudel Papers 26
    Homicides - Bruno Paes Manso
  26. Braudel Papers N° 25
    The Seattle Fiasco - David Woods
    Change rhetoric into substance - Rubens Ricúpero
    Protectionism in Seattle - Luiz Felipe Lampreia
  27. Braudel Papers 24
    Brazilian Federalism - Marcos J. Mendes
    What is Federalism? - Marco J. Mendes e Norman Gall
  28. Braudel Papers 23
    Fernand Braudel, Historian - William H. McNeil
    Braudel and our changing fortunes in São Paulo - Maarten Waelkens
  29. Braudel Papers 22
    The Police - José Vicente da Silva and Norman Gall
  30. Braudel Papers 21
    Part 2: Brazil, Japan, Russia: Money, Greed, Tecnology - Norman Gall
    "The rebirth of euphoria is premature" - Peter L. Bernstein
  31. Braudel Papers 20
    Part 1: Brazil and the Asian Crisis: Money, Greed, Technology - Norman Gall
    "Indonesia's Journey From Boom to Bust" - Iwan Jaya Azis
    "Asia and the Crisis of Money" - Andrew Sheng
  32. Braudel Papers 19
    Crossroads of Transportation - José Carlos Mello e Norman Gall
    "A Vision of the Future" - Eliezer Batista
  33. Braudel Papers 18
    Paths ot Discovery - William H. McNeil
    "Consider Your Seed" - Rubens Ricupero
    Evolution and Deceit - Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca
  34. Braudel Papers 17
    Globalism and localism - Rubens Ricupero e Norman Gall
    Money for eveyone - Martin Mayer
  35. Braudel Papers 16
    King Kong in Brazil - Norman Gall
    Brazil and Mexico: institutional differences - Norman Gall
  36. Braudel Papers 15
    Give and Take - Richard Graham
  37. Braudel Papers 14
    Corruption and Democracy - Moisés Naím and Norman Gall
    Corruption in Brasil - Padre Antonio Vieira
  38. Braudel Papers 13
    Elastic Debts - Marcos J. Mendes and Norman Gall
  39. Braudel Papers 12
    Urban Violence and Civilization - Peter Burke
    Violence, Poverty, Drugs - Alba Zaluar
  40. Braudel Papers 11
    China and Brazil - Fang Gang and Norman Gall
    Market Forces and Chinese Development - Lie Tie Ying
  41. Braudel Papers 10
    Social Capital and Democracy - Robert D. Putnam
    Social Capital and Inflation in Brazil - Norman Gall
  42. Braudel Papers 09
    The Flow of Peoples - Jean-Claude Chesnais
    The Brazilian diaspora - Tereza Sales
  43. Braudel Papers 08
    The Revival of Calcutta - Tarun C. Dutt
    The Political Economy of Regeneration - Norman Gall
    Lima emerges from hyperinflation and violence - Shane Hunt
  44. Braudel Papers 07
    The Rising Tide of Urban Violence - William H. McNeill
    Violence in Brazil - Robert M. Levine
  45. Braudel Papers 06
    Trade, Power and the Future - Rubens Ricupero
    "Without stability there is no salvation" - Norman Gall
  46. Braudel Papers 05
    The Fable of the Bees - Eduardo Gianetti da Fonseca
    The Grumbling Hive: or Knaves turn'd Honest - Bernard Mandeville
  47. Braudel Papers 04
    The Brazilian concept of money - Celso L. Martone
  48. Braudel Papers 03
    Federalism and Inflation - Aspásia Camargo
    The solution is political: a new federalism - Maílson da Nóbrega
    Inflation amd governability - Juan de Onis
  49. Braudel Papers 02
    Politics and Market - A dialogue with Jeffrey Sachs on economic reform - Norman Gall
    Measuring the risk - Editorial
  50. Braudel Papers 01
    Ethics and inflation - Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca
    It will not be for nothing? - Norman Gall

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