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Ed. 08: The Revival of Calcutta

"The stubborn pursuit of survival under threat of catastrophe"

Author: Tarun C. Dutt | Published in 1994

A regeneração de Caucutá

Two and a half decades ago Calcutta, a metropolis of 12 million people, was seen by many observers as headed for collapse. As visions of catastrophe multiplied, Geoffrey Moorhouse, in his widely-read Calcutta: The City Revealed [1971], called it "the problem city of the world, with problems that not only seem insoluble but which grow every day at a galloping and fantastic rate." Yet Calcutta has not only managed to survive but is thriving today. The world's fifth-largest metropolis, Calcutta still may be no paradise, nor the prettiest city on earth, but it gives powerful testimony of a community's will to survive.


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