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Ed. 12: Urban Violence and Civilization

"Will the "civilization process" match the power of new weapons?"

Author: Peter Burke | Published in 1995

Violência urbana e civilização

When I came to Brazil for the first time in 1986, an article in the Folha de S. Paulo, complete with maps and statistics, informed me of the probability of being murdered or assaulted in different quarters of the city.
This year, 0 Estado de S. Paulo published a report on violence in the city, again with a map, noting that there was a record number of 2, 588 homicides in 1994 and suggesting that 1995 (with twelve to fifteen homicides a day at the beginning of the year) could beat that record. The increase in the homicide rate has been 47% in the last four years. Still more alarming, if not alarmist, was a more recent article in the Estado, headlined "São Paulo in the three most violent days of its history." According to the military police, there were 58 homicides and 39 attempted murders between 8 a.m. on Friday, 23 June 1995, and 8 a.m. on Monday, 26 June in the São Paulo metropolitan area.


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