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Ed. 20: Part 1: Brazil and the Asian Crisis: Money, Greed, Technology

"Money, Greed, Technology is a new video gameon an old ..."

Author: Norman Gall | Published in 1998

O Brasil e crise asiática: Dinheiro, ganância e tecnologia

Money, Greed, Technology is a new video game on an old theme. In the monsoon season of 1997, a typhoon erupts in the South China Sea, attacking the customs and artifacts of organized society in an
arc of prospering countries stretching from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia northward to Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. This typhoon is not a classic battering of land by nature. It is a sudden,
swirling, self-inflicted wrecking of financial and political systems through complex interactions of money, greed and technology unleashed in the restless betting of assets accumulating wildly and
driven relentlessly to seek higher yields.


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