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Ed. 36: Strategic Consensus for Latin America

Democracy 2: Human Capital and Infrastructure

Author: Felipe González | Published in 2005

Consensos estratégicos para a América Latina

Editor´snote: Democracy has spread faster in Latin America over the past three decades than in any other region of the world. Democratic governments haves hown more skill and purpose in combating inflation than the military regimes that preceded them. Economic growth has revived with fiscal stability. Yet these new democracies face difficulties in solving other institutional problems, mainly investments in public education and infrastructure that are needed for future development. As part of its program of research and public debate on Democratic Institutionsin Latin America, the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics recently organized a seminar on these issues with Felipe González, President of the Government of Spain (1982-96) who played a central role in the consolidation of democracy and modernization of Spain's in stitutions after the end of the Franco dictatorship (1939-75). At the seminar Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of Brazil (1995-2002), analyzed Brazil's progress and the institutional challenges it faces. On the same day Felipe González, a new member of our Institute, engaged in a rich dialogue on human development with young participants in the Reading Circles conducted by our Institute in the public schools of São Paulo's periphery. This issue of Braudel Papers present sedited versions of the presentations by Presidents González and Cardoso, followed by excerpts from the discussion with members of our Reading Circleson "The Unknown Island," a story by José Saramago, thePortuguese Nobel laureate.


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