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Ed. 38: Lula and Mephistopheles

Democracy 4: Brazil needs a new strategy

Author: Norman Gall | Published in 2005

Lula and Mephistopheles

War of the Termites

This essay is being written during one of Brazil's worst political crises since the collapse of democratic rule in the early 1960s, with unprecedented disclosures of corruption in both Congress and the Executive branch of government. While democratic institutions and the economy are much stronger today and the prospects of a return to military rule are remote, the current troubles expose fl agrant defects in the system of political representation that tend to weaken belief in democracy. The outcome of these troubles is still in doubt. Nevertheless, the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics believes that it may be useful at this time to analyze the general contours of these diffi culties as well as the long-term issues embedded in them. We divide this essay into three parts: (1) the facts and causes of the present crisis; (2) analysis of Brazil's viability and strategic advantages, and (3) proposals for overcoming Brazil's institutional weaknesses.


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