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Ed. 41: Part 2: Oil and Democracy in Venezuela

Democracy 7: Aló presidente

Author: Norman Gall | Published in 2006

Parte 2: Petróleo e Democracia na Venezuela

Today at age 52 Hugo Chávez is the star and master of ceremonies of his own Sunday TV show, Aló Presidente, wearing a blazing red beret, sometimes army khakis, or a jacket that wraps his torso in the red, yellow and blue colors of the Venezuelan flag. He sings songs in his resonant baritone voice, tells stories of his own life, announces government programs and basks in the praise and gratitude of poor people and sycophants alike. Aló Presidente runs for up to six hours. The aged Fidel Castro appeared as co-host at times, with cabinet ministers and army generals serving as extras. This is basically how his government is run. Chávez has replaced half of his ministers every year, at times firing them while on television.


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