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  1. Marcos Mendes

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    35 years, Phd in Economy by the University of Brasília and Doctor in Economy by the University of São Paulo. Was Economist in the National Treasury and in the Brazil Central Bank, where he worked with management of Federal debts and in the control of the debts of States and Municipalities. He is consultant on Economy of the Federal Senate, and has given advice to the Economic Subjects Commision about monetary policy, finance system, public debts and fiscal policy, as well as the CPI which investigated the "Escândalo dos Precatórios" (past scandal involving the brazilian public administration).

  2. Bruno Paes Manso

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    Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics (from Mar/2001):
    Researcher - research on homicides in São Paulo, published in January 2000.

    O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper (Feb/2000 to Feb/2001):
    Politics writer - coverage of the municipal elections in 2000, profile of candidates, articles about the Brazilian federalism, tribute and fiscal reforms, and others.

    Veja Magazine (Apr/1997 to Feb/2000):
    Politcs and general writer - In september 1999, published a article about homicides and group killing in São Paulo, which resulted from 6 months of investigations and interviews about the subject. Covered other subjects related to education, religion, environment, politics, and others.

    O Estado de S. Paulo (Mar/1996 to Apr/1997):
    Cities writer - two 1-month investigations about the corruption scheme between illegal sellers and City supervisors and about the overpaid contracts to garbage collection between the City and third parties. Both of them during the government of Paulo Maluf. Other articles related to social subjects in the suburbs of São Paulo.

    Folha de São Paulo (Aug/1995 to Jan/1996): Economy writer.

  3. Shane Hunt

  4. Maryluci de Araujo Faria

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    Member of the Interamerican Psychology Society (SIP), 1997

    São Paulo Representation Member in the Center of Investigation and Psychologic Support of Buenos Aires - Argentina, 1996.

    Member of the American-European Association of Professionals which handle the drugs, health and social problems, 1999 - Mendoza, Argentina.

    Member of the Latin America and Europe Drugs and Cities Network - Chile/Belgica.

    Founder President of the Civil Association Espaço Vida

    Diadema Municipality Council on Drugs (COMEN) - 1998/2000

    State Drugs Council (CONEN), 1998/2000. Attended Monthly meetings.

    Advisor of the reform on Mental Health in the São Paulo State Cosems (Conselho de Secretários Municipais do Estado de São Paulo), 1999

    Diadema Municipality Advisor on Child and Adolescent Rights, 1992/1996

    Diadema Human Rights Comittee - 1999/2000 - Advisor through the Comen-Diadema

    Public Security Council (CONSEG) 1999/2000 - Attended as invited by one of the council members.

  5. José Peres Netto (in memoriam)

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    Statician and economist. Performed, in the State Statistical Department (SEADE), between 1953-75, roles and functions of statician helper, statician, service chief and division director. General Statistics Professor in various Universities and in the Mackenzie University, where attained the titularity of the General Statistic chair of the Economic, Accounting and Management Sciences University, where he lectured by 28 anos (1970-97). Was Technic Advisor in statistical subjects to various Public Security Secretariesof te São Paulo State between april 1983 and may 1999. Lectured in a course of Police Statistics in the Civil Police Academy and in the Improvement Course to Militar Police Oficials. Was invited Professor at the Paraná Civli Police Academy to lecture in Police Statistics Courses to civil, militar and federal police officers from the South Region, Mato Grosso do Sul and other Mercosul countries.

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